In mythology and biology, the topic of RAINBOWS ushers a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris personifies the rainbow, carrying messages and a link between heaven and earth.

Old Irish folktales tell of A Pot of Gold hidden at the end of the rainbow, where it touches the earth and is guided by a leprechaun.

In Norse religion, Bifrost (a burning rainbow bridge) connects earth, Midgard, with the home of the gods, Asgard.

The Japanese archipelago was thought to having been brought into existence by the floating bridge to heaven attainable by the good or virtuous.

Shamans in Siberia speak of ascending to the sky-spirit world by way of the rainbow.

In Chinese mythology, Hong is a two-headed dragon that represents the rainbow.

In Navajo tradition, the rainbow is the path of the holy spirits, and is frequently depicted in sacred sand paintings.

Aboriginal Australian myths include a Rainbow Serpent deity, seen as a creator and also as a force of destruction.

Several West African religions incorporate personified rainbow spirits.

The rainbow is depicted as an archer’s bow in Hindu mythology, Indra, the god of thunder and war uses the rainbow to shoot arrows of lighting.

Rainbows are widely seen in Native American stories and prophecies.  The Cherokee believe it forms the hem of the Sun’s coat.

In pre-Islamic Arabian mythology, the rainbow is of a weather god, Quzah, whose name survived in the Arabic word for rainbow.

What is your history with rainbows? 

A few facts you didn’t most likely know!

There are a plethora of rainbow types, including lunar, circle, fogbow, twinned, multiple, supernumerary, monochrome, and higher order. The state in America with the highest number of rainbows is Hawaii.  The occurrence of rainbows grace our skies year-round in all seasons.

They occur in the presence of sun and raindrops.  As the sun’s white light (made up of seven colors) passes through drops of rain, refraction occurs.  The code word for remembering a rainbow’s colors and order is held in the word ROYGVIV, with colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Sing a Song with your children

Sing a rainbow with your children, here’s a song…

I see a rainbow in the sky.
I see a rainbow way up high.

I see a rainbow, look with me. 
How many colors can you see?

I see a red, orange, yellow, green.
I see blue and indigo.

And, I see violet.
The colors of a rainbow.

Make up a song together.
Viewing a rainbow in the sky’s weather.