Spring brings flowers, baby birds, and now, our oh-so-long-awaited children’s picture books! Meet Me at the Salish Sea and Explore with Me at the Salish Sea are now available!

When I first thought of writing poetry about nature for children six years ago and later asked Jared Noury to create the artwork, I never imagined the journey we’d both be undertaking in writing, illustrating, and self-publishing a picture book. Three and a half years later, one book has now turned into two—and the “twins” are finally HERE!

Meet Me at the Salish Sea book cover

What are these books about? Through poems and paintings, they reveal the Salish Sea, a waterway that flows through Seattle’s Puget Sound region and Canada’s British Columbian southern coast. It is one of the most dynamic, biologically diverse spots for animals, plants, marine life, weather systems, and geology anywhere in the world. Did you know that the Salish Sea is also home to incredibly social orca whales, really smart octopuses, at least 40 inches of rainfall in some places every year, and the largest ferry system in America?

And even if you don’t live by the Salish Sea, you already know many of its animals and plants—think otters, owls, butterflies, hummingbirds, mushrooms, and salmon. Want to know more about them? Come find out!

Explore with Me at the Salish Sea Book Cover

These gorgeous hardcover books are ideal for readers aged 7 to 11, but both adults and kids will enjoy reading the lyrical poems out loud as well as studying the stunning, full-color illustrations. We’ve also included maps, glossaries of terms, and educational notes to help young readers build their vocabulary, learn more about the Salish Sea’s rich environment and history, and connect deeply with nature.

These books are ideal for families, retailers, environmental organizations, libraries, teachers, and schools that have a mission of helping children become future stewards of the natural world. If you know a place where these books might be a good fit, we appreciate your spreading the word. Or let us know so we can get in touch with them.

Ferry and Tugboats from Meet Me at the Salish Sea Book

These books are now on sale for 22.95 each, but we’re offering a special discount of 20% if you order directly from us by the end of the day Friday, May 14—a savings of nearly $5 per book. When you order directly from us, enter the code Salish20 at checkout.

One note: Our books are available through all the usual places: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local bookstore. But, may we kindly suggest ordering directly from us—and here’s why: We self-published, meaning that we ourselves paid all the printing and publishing expenses upfront. Places like Amazon and B&N take about 70% of our profits, and we cannot negotiate that. So, if you’d like to support us more fully, we’d be so grateful if you order straight from us!

Both Jared and I thank you enormously in advance, and we hope you and your young ones love our books as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

— Nancy and Jared

Octopus from Meet Me at the Salish Sea Book