Praise • nature speaks to us
Richard Louv, author of Our Wild Calling and Last Child in the Woods

“In words and art, here are beautiful books about a place of magic.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist and author of Tomorrow’s Change Makers

“Nature connects us to our highest potential. Children and adults will feast in the beauty of this book’s poems and illustrations. What a treat for the soul and tribute to Pacific Northwest splendor!”


Praise • nature speaks to us
Sarah Heller, Fiddleheads Preschool founder and director, University of Washington Botanical Gardens

“Anyone with children in the Pacific Northwest will treasure this book because it carries you on a captivating journey through the Salish Sea. Be prepared to explore the wonders of the land, ocean, and air as Klimp and Noury bring these ecosystems to life in vibrant art and eloquent poems.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Susan S. Scott, PhD, psychotherapist, author of Healing with Nature

“From the first creative image to the last, Meet Me at The Salish Sea and Explore with Me at the Salish Sea invite us to behold and celebrate the living treasures of our natural world. On this most lyrical journey, we discover the intricate patterns of life inhabiting the forest, seas, skies, and land of the Salish, an inland sea along the coast of Washington and British Columbia.

These books offer not only a fascinating education to readers of any age, but they also inspire healing and hope for the health of our world. By evoking through poetry the wonders and science of the Salish Sea, Klimp shows us how their natural rhythms and cycles mutually benefit all life.  And what a gift it is for us to cherish and protect forever.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Tom Carter, Faculty, English Department, Pinewood School, Los Altos Hills, California

“Nancy Klimp and Jared Noury have created two books that will delight young readers—especially those who love nature and the Pacific Northwest. Nancy's poems are whimsical and informative, drawing the reader in to the science, history, beauty, and magic of the area and all of its inhabitants. The love Nancy has for her subject is obvious and infectious. I can see students aged 10 to 14 reading and rereading Nancy's words, enjoying and getting more out of them each time. Jared's art is a perfect complement; it illustrates and supports the text so well, but it has a charm all its own. Because of Nancy and Jared's collaboration, young readers are in for a treat.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Greg Arnold, Engineering Executive

"Thank you for the wonderful books.  Nancy is extraordinarily gifted with the ability to convey imagery and feeling through poetic words.  And, Jared is a phenomenal painter. Together the words and illustrations immerse us into a world where we want to be.  The dedication from Nancy's mother was perfect, 'Notice nature patiently.'  And that is what the book does ... from the glacier-carved Puget Sound valley to the bald eagles and owls and hummingbirds and swans ... to the cedar and hemlock trees dancing in the wind ... to the harbor seals and octopus and orca whales .. it draws us in and pulls at our hearts.  So inspiring!  And makes us want to experience and appreciate the wonder first-hand.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Susan Aiken, marriage and family therapist

“In this delightful book, Nancy Oline Klimp and Jared Noury, author and artist, have woven a beautiful story of the Salish Sea. Their words and images dance across the page, inviting and enticing children and adults of all ages to a world that inspires awe and a curiosity to know more. Nancy has seeded her poetry with many important ecological constructs and understandings. Jared has brought to life with his art all the main characters of these poems. The combination simultaneously informs and fosters curiosity, one of the most important keys to healthy relationships, be they with other humans or with all living things on our beautiful planet. Thank you, Nancy and Jared.”

Praise • nature speaks to us
Karen L. Nelson, school educator, Lifetime Credential K-9

“Children so gravitate to the use of rhyme and wordplay. Nancy's words, expertly placed, come alive through Jared's magical art. Looking up through the soaring trees from the ground as a creature might—a teaching moment for sure, right there. Or gliding, as with the eagle, in his own flight vision. I can still see the swimming whales skimming just below the water line, and one can almost hear the waters parting—lovely. Wonderful use of silhouettes against the pastel hues—stunning. And I started dreaming on Jared's clouds and waterfalls.

At unexpected moments, local history sparks a child's imagination to learn.  I believe Nancy and Jared have truly captured the mystical essence of the Sound, with tributes to all the living things found there in their natural historical habitat."